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I think most of the NAR Jr. members are hobbyists, while most of the Wal-Mart kids are just playing with toys. There is no way to quantify the level and numbers of kids involved in rocketry for the NAR puroposes of managing sport rocketry, and nurturing the development of young rocketeers, except perhaps by starting with the number of Jr. members and making a WAG.
The NAR does have several "service programs" that serve nonmembers. The NAR web site is a resource that is open to all. Narts products are available for sale to all. Sport Rocketry is available for all at many hobby stores and book stores. TARC is open to all. Certified motors are available to all. The BATFE lawsuit is a service to all (although HPR user certification remains a gotcha). Many NAR sections have lots of non NAR associat members. Jerry, what more should the NAR be doing for non members?
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Alan Jones
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I agree with all of the above.
Non-member HPR certs would farm juniors into HPR. HPR is the growth element of NAR and it would be consistent with NAR's other "non-member" accessable programs. That would be major.
Any request for federal permits or even a hint or shadow of it scares away wide groups of people. This is an INTERNAL policy that could be changed. I have beat this to death so for purposes of this post that is enough said.
I have suggested cheater or subscale memberships to make entry to NAR more trivial and then interested folks can renew at full cost.
But the main point that was made earlier is most consumers do not see a "need" for NAR. Without going into details here those needs need to be explored and tested with small groups and scaled into larger groups.
Perception is just as useful as reality.
It would probably help a lot to not have some vendors blackballed while others are welcome so the level of negative noise drops. Most of that is related to the above ATF policy (as distinct from the law).
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Jerry Irvine
Jerry, Did you try the ointment yet?
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Dave Grayvis
Yet another outright lie. Neither TRA nor NAR require federal permits for HPR flyers.
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That was a sad day indeed.
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Jerry Irvine
I hope they'll "retire" his number.
Then again, if I understand NAR's numbering policy correctly, all #'s are auto-retired, i.e. never re-used.
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Correct. TRA too at least rocketry wise.
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Jerry Irvine

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