what do the FAI contest flyers use for motors.

What are the FAI contest flyers using for motors now that the Apogee 10.5mm
motors are long gone (I still have a few :-) Do they have a secret supply
from Europe?
NAR 69453 L2
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Dwight L. Brown
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So do we. Leftover Apogee 10.5mm motors are used for FAI development flying and practice.
If you have a few left over, consider sharing with your favorite US Team member...
James Duffy snipped-for-privacy@mac.com
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James Duffy
I offered to donate mine in exchange for something simple like cool sticker to go on the range box but I think that got too complicated. The team seems to be well connected to a European source which they get to once they get over there which blows the practice practice practice mantra out of the water...
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Andy Eng
why can't they get them saftey certified ? if they are good enought to fire over seas, why can't we fire them here ?
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The same exact reason NAR will not certify USR motors.
It does not matter if the motors are made under a DOT EX number, ATF permit or not, business license or not, lease or not, tax ID or not, DOT shipper registration or not, certified boxes or not, tested to NAR specs or not, meeting all the temperature specs or not, compatible with the "model rocket religion" or not.
Sometimes the excuse is "all the names don't synch" because the EX numbers were issued in 1986 and just like Estes motors they have changed ownership (Centuri in the case of Estes) (another in the case of USR), the fact they are OEM (contracted out) and thus much of the paperwork is associated with the contractor under contract in a way the GOVERNMENT agencies approve of fully, but the NAR refuses to recognize for purely arbitrary reasons.
And MOST of the FAI motors are in a similar boat, or worse, are missing many or most of those elements of paperwork.
So they are screwed and the oligopoly is safe. If you take the hybrid manufacturers out of the list and look ONLY at firms NAR CURRENTLY will accept motors from for cert, the list is a short oligopoly.
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Jerry Irvine
I think Mr. Max meant the FAI european motors, not the appogee micro motors.
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art upton

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