Hi to all,

Tripoli Mid Ohio, (Gary Dickinson, Prefect and Ross at Magnum), will be represented at a great launch this weekend.

We have two L-2's, certifying L-3, one on an M-1000! And one other that is lighting up a AT 1419 on a 60# bird.

Gary Dickinson's IROC will be a show stopper for sure.

And my wife of 20 years and my beautiful 12 year old daughter have indulged me with a great weekend. They will be there will and supporting my Quasar flight on an AMW K-670 green gorilla. I believe that a 10,000' flight may be in the works.

I look forward to the Kloudbuster hospitality in Kansas.

They truly are "better than good".

See you on Thursday.

Dan Crane

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AirFest should be great this year. There are quite a large number of the Chicago folks coming down as well. Of course, we expect all the regular KS, OK, MO, TX, and etc. flyers.

As an added bonus, the weather man is calling for much cooler temps than we've had since LDRS. I'm looking forward to that almost as much as the launch. ;-)

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Oh, and thanks for the nice words.


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Lance B. Lickteig

anyway I can see this show stopping IROC ? website or description of the show stopping qualities ?

I'm a follow IROC driver, err I mean I-Roc Flyer and it interests me since you post.


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art upton

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