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Windows systems admin - Los Angeles, CA
We are looking for Windows systems admin for a direct client in Los Angeles, CA. Send in your resumes to shivaa at / Give me a call @ 510 857 5838., Windows Systems Admin Location: Los Angeles, CA...
10 years ago
looking for people
heyy i am desining and trying to fabricate a liquid fulled rocket and if anyone could help me with my questions with the propultion systems can you please goin my group project rocket thanks Hi,...
10 years ago 3
Delta II - Grail: Anyone know how to make a cluster work like this?
out the separation at around 1:30. I'm sure this is beyond my skill level, but does anyone think they could recreate this? My guess would to be with timer. It's an awesome effect. The clusters are a...
10 years ago 5
Source for Estes SR-71 nose cone?
Anyone know where I can find a replacement nose cone for an Estes SR-71 model rocket? I know I can buy a whole kit from Ebay for $30 or so, but I was hoping to just get another nose cone to replace...
10 years ago 3
source for PST-50S
I'm looking for some model rocket transparent plastic payload sections -- in particular, Estes PST-50S (BT-50 size tube). My surprise is that I've only been able to find them at one site (), and while...
10 years ago 6
Reloadable Rocket Motors - any suggestions?
I'm contemplating stepping up to F or G motors and have been reading about reloadables. Are there any specific brands that seem to be better than the other? I haven't decided on which rocket to start...
10 years ago 8
Any predictions on how this 3 stage rocket will perform?
top stage is an Estes Wizard, and the lower stages were made from another Wizard kit. You can see a fourth stage sitting alone that was made from the die cut fins from the kit. There's a lot of balsa...
10 years ago 9
Stetson the Rocket Dog has died
Stetson was born October 15, 1998 and left this world July 22, 2011, living to the ripe old age of 12 Years and 9 Months. He led a charmed life, achieving notoriety with an extensive bag of tricks,...
10 years ago 2
EBAY Auction (Used 75mm AMW Hardware
10 years ago
EBAY Auction (Used AMW Hardware
Ends tomorrow night
10 years ago
Comanche launch this weekend at monthly NARBARS meet
was a single stage launch of my Comanche in Davie, FL this weekend. It was at the monthly NARBARS (Broward Area Rocketry Society). -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite or do you want sincere?
11 years ago
Estes E rocket ignitors?
Are Estes E rocket ignitors any different than A - D? I read that they need a special launch system, but the one they recommend uses 4 AA batteries like the normal controller. Is it just the length of...
11 years ago 2
Attributes Of A Good Insurance Agent
The best agents are flexible, enthusiastic, and reliable. Their job is to inspire client confidence through effective communication. In order to help address the needs of their clients, many agents...
11 years ago
adapting model rocketry technique
James Yawn describes a method of preparing KNO3-sugar propellant that does not require melting either component, but just heating an aqueous syrup of mixed sugars, separately warming the dry KNO3, and...
11 years ago 12
Estes K-28 Thor-Agena
Hey all, I am in need of a couple of scans, for the Estes K-28 Thor-Agena. I need a scan of the paper exhaust cone (missing from JimZ's file) as well as a good scan of the decal sheet. I am assuming...
11 years ago