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I've been posting images of my recently completed Hasagawa Wright Flyer on
the alt.binaries.models.scale. Unfortunately they are removed within a day
or so. I have received numerous request to re-post. I don't mind doing
that but they are removed so quickly that many are still not getting the
chance to check them out.
Recently one of the members of this newgroup offered to and posted the
images on his server. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate this
kindness. I am totally ignorant about how or what needs to be done
regarding posting my images anywhere other than these groups.
If anyone is interested in keeping up with my postings I will make an
announcement here and will post the images on both alt.binaries.models.scale
and at
formatting link

As always comments are welcome here or you can e-mail directly.
Thanks again,
Francis Marion
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Francis Marion
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