1/32 Revell Mosquito question

Hi Gang, I am looking for any update or photo etch sets for this kit. I have tried Hannats and the squadron shop but no luck. Does anyone make update sets for this kit? thanks in advance. JJ

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Paragon used to make a pretty goodly assortment of resin details for the big Mossie - they had gone OOB, but allegedly resurfaced as I recall...dunno what sort of stuff they brought back, if they're back.

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They are back. You can simply search at Hannants for Paragon and see all the stuff they have. However, they don't seem to have reissued the 1/32 Mossie stuff.


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Dave Williams

That's a pity, Right now I have a B Mk IV and a NF Mk XII on my table. The XII is using paragon fighter nose and cockpit plus some scratch. The Mk IV also has som of the paragon cockpit details. They vere out of buisness, so I had a copy made and has been cutting in that for sidewall details.

I sold my third kit with the long nacelles from paragon. Most of it is nice, my only major issue, is that the fighter canopi is a little smaller that the opening in the fuselage! Right now I'm trying to make the framwork fot thr inside of the canopi to keep it spread open. We're talking 1 - 1,5 mm

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Claus Gustafsen

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