1/48 Apollo Question

they upcoming reissue of the CM and LM module kit are not the versions
used in the moon landings.
Question - Are the kits used in the 1/48 moon landing kit with the
moon base the same early kits or corrected for the proper moon landing
If so I was thinking about swapping them out with the ones provided
with the reissue..
thx - Craig
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Which kit is this?
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The Tranquility Base or Space Hero Buzz Aldren LM re-pop was originally issued by Monogram - the stack that is being reissued was originally by Revell - separate companies at the time. One would think some things would be interchangeable - the one big difference is the landing gear is folded in the stack the Monogram kit has them deployed - so you'd have to also swap kit to kit parts. The S-band atenna may also need mods for launch. I think at some point there were aftermarket parts to update the CSM. One would hope someone is working that now for the reissue.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
It's been said that the Monogram LM is more accurate than the Revell one. I will be replacing it in mine when I get it.
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