20-Mule Team freight haulers

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Hi All, This bit of information can go to scenery that can be used in our modeling graineries, black smith shops, livery stables, barns, silos, mills, smelters, and other farm and mining structures. Lately I have been seeing models of the 20 mule team borax kits go in E-bay for as much as $40.00 and wondered if they were still available through U.S. Borax. So, I did a web search and contacted them. Below is their responce and the kits are now available again. Best is they also sell a packet of real borax ore to pack in the wagons or we can also use it in our gons and hoppers. The ore will not cause shorting problems, but can coat rail with dust that when wiped off will clean the rail. Not bad for 20 mules, two wagons, and one tank wagon to scatter around a layout.

Hello Frank, Thank you for your inquiry. The model was made from a kit that was sold in the 1950's. These went out of production years ago, but in

2008 they were re-introduced on the market. The new kits have recently gone into production and can be purchased from
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There is more information on the website as well.

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Comments : I use your 20 Mule Team Borax wash additive with great regularity (due to bad water here) and was wondering if you still had the plastic 20 mule team models you used to advertise in the 50's and

60's available? I recall the box tops from 2 or 3 boxes plus a quite cheap fee and mailing costs could get one of the models sent to you. Just an idle thought as I had always wanted one way back then (boy did I just age myself). Frank Hyatt
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Hi there.

Oh man this is fantastic news! And the price is not that steep either. I remember this kit from when I was a kid. I'm hoping I can order a couple of them next month for Christmas presents. I see they even give you some Borax ore forthe two wagons.

Cheers from Peter

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Master Gunner

At one time I had three of those including one with The Old Ranger (Stanley Andrews) on the mailing box. I was told that Revell was behind the moulds. I sold all three on Ebay but never got those ($40) results.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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