Air: Pa. NG has retired its last Hueys

The last two were up at Ft. Indiantown Gap and were officially retired Tuesday. Several of the older soldiers got choked up about them leaving. According to the TV reporter, they were headed south to be passed on to some foreign owners. I'll miss seeing them pass overhead as well as no longer hearing them. One couldn't mistake them for anything else.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Yeah, you always know when a Huey is near. When they come over my house, I always try and guess their direction, and I never get it right. What a sound it makes.......


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Back in '74 I was working for a former Huey evac pilot, building a house. We were standing on the 1st floor decking when a couple of his buddies from the Guard tried to sneak up on us. They came in low, so we didn't get a lot of notice...suddenly they were hovering overhead, a hundered feet up. Sawdust and anything not tied down was flying around. It sounded like the end of the world! I remember thinking, it must have been terrifying to be a Viet Cong caught in the open like that.


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Doug Wagner

It's a shame some could not be scattered in museums around Pennsylvania. We will regret giving all this stuff.

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There are plenty around at American Legions and VFWs, both UH-1s and AH-1s.


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Kurt Laughlin

A lot of them will go to various Police Departments around the country. That's how many PDs get their helos, vehicles, and boats, among other surplussed military equipment..

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