? Indent the original text with '>' when replying

This isn't about models but newsgroups. I just bought a new computer =
Windows Mail in place of Outlook. I want to include the indented '>" =
replying to posts, so I went to Tools, Options, Send, News Sending =
Plain Text, Plain Test Settings, and checked "Indent the original text =
'>' when replying or forwarding."
This works on some replies but not others. I subscribe to =
and of course rec.models.scale and have the same problem on both. =20
The only common thread seems to be replies to smaller messages get the > =
while replies to larger messages do not.=20
Any ideas? I did not have this problem with Outlook.
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Hi Curt, Unless Microsoft is no longer supporting Outlook (doubtful), then I would say forget about Windows Mail and load Outlook on it and run that instead. There are also numerous other programs to read newsgroups or run mail on. Being the weird and unusual type that I am, I use Sea Monkey (made by Mozilla) as my main web browser, which also had the advantage of having an e-mail reader and newsgroup reader built into the program. Basically it is Netscape 4.7 updated to current standards. As you should be able to see, the original text is all marked with ">". Hope this helps. Later, Dave Shreeve
Curt wrote:
replies to larger messages do not.
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Dave Shreeve
replies to larger messages do not.
Get Mozilla Thunderbird
It is far better than anything MS ships. And getting off outlook distress is worth it !!
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