Extreme Rocketry has lost its mojo....

I opened the latest issue of Extreme Rocketry and I could have sworn
that I had the wrong magazine. I flipped to the interview to find
Peter Alway holding a bunch of little scale rockets. Now, Peter is
one righteous dude, but extreme is not his middle name. I just feel
that this interview would've been better suited for that "other"
publication. And how about that centerfold of a rocket sitting on the
pad? I want to see cool rocket pictures. Any dude can snap still
pictures and blow them up to centerfold size. I want to see amazing
pictures, not something I could have snapped with my circa 1994
disposable. So let's see... Mars Lander on the cover, NSL article,
static centerfold, Peter Alway interview and a how-to article on a
little retro rocket. I miss the days of Frank Kosdon building reloads
with his teeth. Essentially what I'm saying is that I think ER has
lost its mojo.
Can I get an amen?
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Were the little rockets "Extremely Small" ???
The word "Extreme" is like the word "temperature" or "quality". It is meaningless by itself. You must state what type of "extreme" you are talking about.
I can have matter with high temperature or low temperature (and then we have to ask "in relation to what?").
I can produce items with high quality or low quality - but just saying I produce 'quality products' is meaningless. They could all be low quality.
Nano tech is extreme.
Are you an extremist?
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
You are correct. However, I don't think that is what comes to most peoples minds when they think of Extreme Rocketry.
ALso what's up with having more than one copy of the same picture in an issue?
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Phil Stein
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Seriously, look at HPR. Unless you are Brucie's pal & want to support him or, subscribe just to support the cause in some minor way, why would you subscribe? I admit that it occasionally has some good stuff but with Bruce being Bruce & chiseling the value out of it every chance he gets, I don't think it's worth it.
Extreme Rocketry is a lame magazine with a cool name. ER has no clue of what an in depth article is. It contains lots of big pictures. Someone that knew hwat they were doing could convey the same graphics in a more efficient package to allow the addition of graphics or space for articles. Also some people outright resent having to pay for a magazine that begs for money for personal things. I don't care for it myself, but with the situation Brent is in, I guess he'll do whatever he can. I understand it & wish he weren't in the situation but that's about it.
Sport Rocketry just keeps putting along. It is the best of the rocketry magazines and it's free (with NAR membership.)
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Phil Stein
Readers who have suggestions for content, or better yet, who are willing to provide content can contact Tom Beach, the editor. He'd be happy to help improve our offering in whatever way meets member needs.
Members should check out the Nov/Dec issue.
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Mark B. Bundick
At least it comes out, is the size a magazine should be and always has good content.
You are not exactly a neutral obsever here. When you kiss Brent goodnight, tell him he's only a few pages away from being all black & white.
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Phil Stein
I've only submitted 1 article to this point but it was a little long for the space available, (which I understand, it was long) and I'm still working to reduce it and still have the main content.
The latest edition that I got last week was pretty good and mine always comes on time. I think Mr. Beach does a very nice job.
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And has been doing it for a LONG time. Thank you Tom!
Just got the NARAM issue yesterday. My daughter grabbed it befor I saw it, and was thrilled to find TWO pictures of her, and NONE of Daddy! She can't wait for NARAM-47.
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Bob Kaplow
I forgot to mention HPR Magazine is a friggin joke!
Unfortunately, we don't have a good totally HPR magazine available.
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Phil Stein
I did not know that HPR was still in publication. I have not seen it at the book stores in over a year. A shame really. If he had put out a magazine on schedule he could have been sitting pretty with a loyal customer base.
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