Airplanes: WTB Grumman HU-16C Albatross

I am looking for a Grumman HU-16C Albatross. From what I have heard,
there was a 1/72 scale model made some time back, but it now out of
production. If someone out there has one, and is willing to part with
it, let me know and we can discuss the $$$$$ aspect of it. I posted a
couple of pics of the Albatross on
Many thanks in advance,
Austin, Texas
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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman
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They're all over eBay. Monogram has had several releases since the mid - late '50s. Not a bad kit, & the only 1/72 kit. Last release was in the mid '90s, IIRC.
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It was a honey and the first one I ever did weathering on, intentionally. Unfortunately, I just sold mine on E-bay.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Mad Modeller
Mad Modeller wrote in news:
since the mid
release was in
Question HU-16?
I get "U" for utility. I know all the letters are supposed to have meaning. What does the "H" stand for and were there other "H" types, besides helos of course.
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Gray Ghost
"H" is "rescue", as in HH-3 (Rescue Helo) Jolly Green Giant. The Albatross was originally SA-16, as in Search & Rescue Amphibian. I'm sure that change was in the early '60s when everything was standardized.
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In the US designation system, H can also stand for Search And Rescue when it's a sub- mission designator. Thus the HC-130 or HH-53. The sub-mission designator comes before the primary mission designator.
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Jessie C
When H is the Mission designator, it means Helicopter, as in H-60. When H is the Modified-Mission designator, it means Rescue, as in HH-60. Curt
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"Curt" wrote in news:tfDoe.21$Oq7.12
to have
in H-60.
as in HH-60.
Thanks to all. Makes perfect sense, now.
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Gray Ghost
Thanks to the group for the info both at rms and to my email address regarding the Albatross. I was able to get one at a reasonable price and will start it shortly after I get it.
Again, thanks for y'alls input,
Ray Austin, Texas ===
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Ray S. & Nayda Katzaman

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