Andrea paints questions

Hello all.
I have seen some very impressive work done using the Andrea acrylic
paints, and since I've gotten interested in figures I chose to try the
flesh paint set.
Unfortunately, unlike the detailed painting guide included with their
deluxe 46-color set, the flesh set has nothing but simple referrence
photos on the box.
If any of you out there use the Andrea paints, could you kindly give me
some pointers? I've never worked with acrylics before, but hear they are
wonderful for getting good blends.
Please, consider no detail too trivial.
Also, regarding the small bottles they come in, what is the best method
for extracting paint?
I tried squeezing out a tiny bit, but for most of the work I'm doing it
seemed far too much. Since these paints aren't cheap, I'm for any way to
get only what I need at the time.
Thanks for any help offered, and I look forward to hearing from you.
IPMS Houston
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Randy....if you attended the Texas shows in the past, say five or six years undoubtedly remember the name Mario Fuentes. He pretty much was winning "Best Of Show" with his figures....even at the so-called IPMS "airplane guy shows", and AMPS "armor guy" shows. He is a master at acrylics. Here is an article he wrote, describing his techniques using Vallejo paints...which for all intents and purposes...will work and apply to Andrea paints. Although Mario does *not* use acrylics for the flesh areas in this article...his techniques still apply, and others use it to paint flesh.
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About the only thing that I could that my preferred Vallejo color for a base one they call "Brown Rose". I find most of their "flesh-named" paints a bit too yellow-ish, for my personal taste.
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