any UK model car builders?

I need to raise some cash major due to drive to Germany again in a month and need the cash, otherwise its a long walk ;-) I just bought another car so need to get it MOTd etc and pay for it....haha

I have about 100 car kits, all i got sent from the US over the past 5 years, AMT/ERTL/Monogram etc I guess some are OOP etc I used to have 3 times the amount but for my trips over the last couple of years i put em on ebay over time...i regretted it

If i take some pics of all the stash, stick them on my website where you can see them, would any one be interested? first come first served

I cant afford to give em away, and not worth getting rid of just 1 or 2 and i dont have time to stick em on ebay, i need the cash by the end of the week cos i have to collect the car Monday/Tue or Wed at the latest.......very latest (sooner the better)

If anyone has never dealt with me, my ebay name is mrcooljules to check my feedback

Shipping is at cost...Last time i sold car kits it was about £1.70 a kit, i know i posted a lot for a tenner so the more you get the cheaper the postage

It would be once kits are online, and i give the link, first to email and confirm.

Im a Muscle/MOPAR guy...but a lot of the cars/trucks etc were bought to turn into cop cars etc as i bought a huge pile of US cop car decals/lightbars etc

Anyway interested? I cant take paypay, cos i cant afford the fees and i couldnt get access to the cash quick enough, so postal orders are best

I know one UK shop that gets them sent over and charges 13-15 a kit, but i was looking around a tenner a kit but open to offers

If anyone is from Sheffield, there more than welcome to come and collect

Flying Frog/Chris I know you expressed interest some time ago..when it looked like i had to sell them.....i know your in France and i need the cash quick (euro's are no use to me as its to buy the car,not for fuel etc on my trip) But maybe we can sort something out if you want them

I do have a lot of 72nd aircraft kits, a lot are OOP and can never be made again etc. but someone has first access to the fotos..

Like i said i have to get the car early next week, and need to raise at least 400 quid, so once i get to that figure i will stop selling..i dont want to sell my kits, i love em..took me years to get em but im so skinto.

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Bump for ya, Jules.

In case anyone is reading, Jules has been online in a number of Usenet groups I regularly read. I haven't dealt with him personally, but at least he's not a one-shot-deal scammer. If I were in the UK, I'd certainly give his stuff a look.

-- C.R. Krieger (Been there; done that)

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C.R. Krieger

I'll vouch for Jules as well. I'm not a car modeller, otherwise I'd be interested!


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Chris Hughes

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