Anyone Build the Zvezda Castles?? / Great Models site question too

the ZVE 8527 Castle of Lancelot for $128 looks like fun.
formatting link

and does anyone know how to copy a great models link for an actual
item? you can only paste the
greatmodels home page.....must be a way....
thx - Craig
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Go to the left side of the page and set up a member profile and log in, I'd guess. They show a "cart" section for shopping so you'd probably have to set up first. I've only seen unbuilt castle parts at the local Hobbytown, but I pointed the line via Squadron to some guys I know who work in a local WarGamers shop. They said that they were quite pleased with the kits (liked them ~much~ better then scratchbuilding or using a ton of Linka tiles.
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The Old Man
Like this?
In Firefox right-click on the hyperlink and select Copy Link Location, then paste it into your post. In IE, select Copy Shortcut.
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