Anyone know anything about the movie "Fury"

The trailer looked interesting but the synopsis I read made me want to puke.


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Frank Tauss
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Probably as close to a WW2 tank movie that we'll ever get that includes bot h a real Sherman and Tiger. I've heard some grumbling that the Sherman has some details of a post war tank as well as some grumbling about the Tiger b eing from the North Africa theater (being too early for a late WW2 Tiger). I see them as movie props.

Hit any of the armor forums and start searching for discussions going back several months for some of the initial threads. By the time the trailer hit s the theaters, it's old news in the modeling world; the Bovington Tiger be ing used got just about everyone's attention.

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It's been discussed a bit on the internet boards in the last few weeks. No idea about the plot, but it features an M4A2E8 Sherman (a diesel variant bu ilt in small numbers for the Soviets in 1945, and also delivered as foreign aid to various countries postwar), and apparently the Bovington Tank Museu m's restored Tiger I, which was captured in Tunisia in 1943, and now the on ly Tiger in running condition in the world. But it's a real Sherman playing a Sherman, and a real Tiger playing a Tiger, so it is a unique film, regar dless of its other merits (or lack of them) Gerald Owens

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