Aztec Airbrush Problem

I have a fairly new Aztec A470 airbrush that I think I screwed up. Maybe I
wasn't cleaning it enough or cleaned it too vigorously, but now it leaks
air all the time. It doesn't matter whether the nozzle is in the brush or
not, whether the trigger is pushed or not; air leaks from the "business
end" all the time (at least as long as I have air pressure to the brush.
If I shut off the air pressure to the brush the leak stops; I'm still
analysing that twist.)
Anyway, can I take the brush apart and try to fix it (and in fact probably
screw it up beyond repair)? Does anybody have a good address for a repair
point of contact at Testors? The web site it most unhelpful
about repairs.
I spent about a half day trying to clean the brush with all sorts of
solvents and toothpicks and brushes to stop the problem and, I think, only
made it worse.
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Ed Byde
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There's a lifetime warranty on Aztek brushes bought before the end of 2003. It is void if you take apart the body. Sounds like yours gave up the ghost earlier than the average. Testors will send you a new airbrush body after you send in the old. Can someone provid Ed with the address to send the airbrush to to? I don't have it handy.
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Brian Francis
"Brian Francis" wrote in news:ej_Cb.916$
Thanks for the info; I'd forgotten about the lifetime warranty. I have all the paperwork that came with the airbrush somewhere. I know I have the mailing address there. Thanks again.
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Ed Byde
I had the same thing happen to me. It turned out to be a bad spring inside the brush according to Testors. They did send me a complete new brush (less accessories) for free, so they will honor the warranty.
Problem is -- is this an endemic problem with Aztek A470s?
Cookie Sewell AMPS
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Send it back to Testors so they can replace it free of charge! Or better yet, go buy an Iwata or a Badger!
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Sandy55961 (Sandy55961) wrote in news:
I got a mailing address from Testors via email and I'll send the brush back to them for repair or replacement. Nah, I'm too careless with airbrushes to spend any money on quality stuff. I broke the last three Badger and Paasche brushes I had.
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Ed Byde
Yeah, I had one replaced last year. There was an internal leakage. It's an irrepairable fault. Did I hear no more lifetime warranty from now on?
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Woody wrote in news:
I sent my airbrush to Testors about a couple of weeks ago. I haven't heard anything from them yet. The email I got from them before I sent in the brush indicated that it was still under warranty.
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Ed Byde

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