Please help, Aztec airbrush part needed!!!

I'm so stupid that I managed to break my A470 brush. Some paint dried around
the push rod (the one that pushes the needle close when the trigger is
released) and I used some metal tool to clean it. I cleaned it OK, but at
the same time I made small grooves in the black plastic part around this
rod. Now the connection of the nozzle/needle assembly to the rest of the
brush is not air-tight and the air is bleeding to the paint cup :-(
I know that with this kind of damage I cannot expect free replacement from
Testors, and sending the whole brush from Poland to USA for repair doesn't
make much sense anyway...
But as these Aztec brushes are not the most solid around, I expect that they
may get damaged sometimes. So I wonder if anyone of you has the broken
useless Aztec A470 (probably also A430), but with the black plastic/silver
ring part (the one that nozzle and paint cup is attached to) in good
condition? And of course you would also need to be willing to send me this
Here is the photo of the part I need:
formatting link

Thanks in advance for any help!
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There is one other thing to check before you go to all the trouble of re-building your airbrush.
I have had the same problem before. Air can also bleed back into the paint cup because the air outlet inside the airbrush is blocked with paint. I suspect this may be the case as you said the dried paint was around the base of the push rod. The air outlet for the Aztec is at the base of the push rod in the black plastic part you mentioned. The air outlet is a curved rectangle following the curvature of the black plastic part you mentioned. I used a wood toothpick to punch out the dried paint. Then I used a Q-tip soaked in thinner to complete the job. Do not soak the airbrush body in thinner as this will damage the trigger.
Air will also backflow into the paint cup if the needle is stuck. Disassemble the airbrush tip completely, clean and then re-assemble.
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Art Murray
And if that's not the case, send it back to Testors. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts they WILL replace it, probably free. They're very good about that, bending over backwards often.
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Charles Fox
I have a complete A470 airbrush at my disposal if you would like to have it. This was a replacement sent by Testors and it works just like new. I've airbrushed only a few models with it and I have 4 tips(nozzles) for it along with the case/holder, color cups and hoses. I'm giving it away because I just purchased an Iwata Revolution airbrush to replace my trusty Aztek A470. If you would like to have it please reply by email and I will send photos to show you condition, parts and assessories. Always willing to assist a fellow modeler!
Greg Williams IPMS/ Roscoe Turner Chapter Indpls, IN. USA
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Greg Williams

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