Badger 360 camo woes

Just looking for opinions (maybe even guidance)...

I recently procured a double action Badger 360 airbrush, and in my ignorance, I figured it would do a great job of painting everying from tiny lines and mottles (I am a Luftwaffe fan) to great switches of British blues and grays (for that Meteror on my short list).

Problem is, it really does not seem like a good airbrush for painting small ..anything. The needle is one - size with adjustment from quite a bit to too much paint. I dial pressure down very low and I still find it a difficult tool to work with. I used to use the Aztek brush and while I disliked it for various reasons, I could still get tiny Japanese style lines and mottles with semi scale overspray. No dice with the brand new Badger.

Anyone else using the Badger 360 brush for mottles and small lines? Should I chalk it up to experience and get an Iwata, or what?

Thanks for any advice.


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I have used a 3X5 card with holes torn in it for mottles. I spray through the card. It works with any airbrush. Jerry 47

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jerry 47

I'm not familiar with the 360; it may be the wrong tool for the job. I use a Badger 150 and can get pencil lines at 12 psi, pretty thin paint and pretty close to subject. The single needle on yours has me wondering if this wasn't designed for larger applications like posters or t-shirt production. The 150 has three sets: xtra fine, fine, and hardly fine. I'd look around at

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and see whats available. You may want to sell the 360 on ebay and get a 100xl. hth

The Keeper (of too much crap)

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sounds like exactly what happened...I just used their applicability chart instead of asking the right questions


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