Berlin Brigade Chieftain

Guys, A few months ago I posted here asking about BB Stillbrew Chieftains.. thanks to all who replied with advice. I finally bit the bullet and shelled-out (military pun!) for the Accurate Armour conversion set. It's luverly! And it'd want to be for $175 Aussiebucks! Thanks to the guys at The Military Workshop in Brisbane for the free overnight airbag. Don't hold your (collective) breath waiting for the complete model, though - it could be a long while getting started, let alone finished; I have a LOT of half-done models sitting around and I've vowed not to start any new kits until I get them all done...... yeah, right.

RobG (I don't build armour, I don't build armour, I don't...)

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Rob Grinberg
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them all done...... yeah, right.

Robert G:

You aren't the only one with that problem. My one and only New Years resolution for 2004 was not to start a new kit till I cleaned up the dozen or so half finished efforts sitting around the cellar. So far I have managed to stick to it, but the pile is tempting me ...

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

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