Best ME-109E kit in 1:32 scale?

Suggestions for a good kit of a 109E/F in 1:32 scale? Also who makes a good instuction book for such a kit? jim

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instruction not instuction manual- sorry ; Suggestions for a good kit of a 109E/F in 1:32 scale? Also who makes a

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The Matchbox 1/32 Bf-109 is an excellent kit!


I was prompted to say this because of a chapter in Osprey Publishing's newly published "Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 109B/C/D/E" which covers this ancient Matchbox kit. This book provides excellent advice and references on building earlier versions of the Bf-109.

More information about this book can be found at:

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Note: The table of contents for this Bf-109 book on the website is actually for the Fw-190 book. ;^)


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The Collector

You really only have two choices in 1/32nd scale. The Hasegawa kit and the Matchbox. I like the Hasegawa kit better (arts and all), altho, you've got to remember, this kit is a product of the 70s, so it's nowhere near the quality Tamiyagawa kits of today. That being said, if you can find some aftermarket details for it (I know there are some out there) it'll make up into a nice kit.

The Collector wrote:

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Don McIntyre

Both the Hasegawa and the Matchbox "E" can be done as decent models, Matchbox has rather heavy panellines and clear parts compared to Hasegawa. If you want an F, it's a different ballgame, The old revell "F/G" is now modern, but Hasegawa has recently issued a series of "G" that could be backdated to "F" versions. Revell has issued some versions from this mould as well. Look for G-2 or G4 versions.

Claus Gustafsen

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