Dear Members, offers the full range of state of the art card models created by Dr. E. Zarkov from Modelart.

Available scales: 1:32, 1:72, 1:87

Best regards, Victor Prodanov The Team

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Wonder if they have Dale Arden Nude? Kim M :+)

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You are giving your age away with that one!

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

eve arden had a sexy voice.

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Probably, only a Dale GRIBBLE nude (except for the "gimme hat").


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Greg Heilers

I don't get these responses. Dr. Zarkov is one of the premier model airplane designers walking this earth. I have his F-15I (started) in 1/32nd scale with almost 2,000 parts. It is a stunning model. Also available are the P-40, Mig-3, OV-10, Bf-109, Ju88, Do17 and more. A Douglas Skyhawk is on the draffting table as we speak.

And yet "Royabulgaf " and the others respond with some wisecracks about nudes? This borders on disrespectful and demonstrates nothing but ignorance. Would you talk about Mr. Tamiya or his work like that?

May I suggest you click into that web page and marvel at the models made out of cardstock, rather then just shooting off your mouth. Better yet, buy the F-15I and amaze your friends with a masterpiece.


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Vess Irvine

*reluctant pedant mode on*

Dr. Hans Zarkoff and Dale Arden are characters from "Flash Gordon", a Science-Fiction-themed newspaper comic strip that was popular in the 1930s.

Get more info:

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*reluctant pedant mode off*

Arden was (and apparently still is) something of a sex symbol among it's readers, thus the "nude" reference...

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Edwin Ross Quantrall

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