Converting trimming soft plastic figures

Dear Group,

I am gettting back into working with soft plastic figures. I find it is more necessary for smaller scale stuff as modifications are a bit more defined ans many subsitute types exist in larger scales on a 1/35 or 1/32 scale hard plastic figure. I use a sharp exacto for a limited time, switching out frequently to trim flash. I use epoxy to glue and pray it holds because I have not had luck using hot pins to hold changes in poses. I have discovered a diluted cute of white glue and water does wonders for holding acrylic paints. They are very scale flat. Carving is obviously easier on a bigger soft plastic figure. I tend to do them less as

There are many more small scale figures than ever, but getting that flat soldier look to go away and doing minor conversions are. I especially love using an exacto on a slippery soft plastic figure with the only hand I am allowed to use at present due to injury: my let one and I am not a Southpaw. I find my expense vise I bought is keeping me from making sushi of myself. I think it is securing head turns, waist turns, and arm movement that frustrates me the most. There are so many good pieces of small armor and associated helicopters. The field is ripe. Also for the Civil War ancients, Napoleonic wars. There are even knights ought there. I wish these figures were in styrene. I am tempted to cast some in resin . You know some focal figures that get higly modified in dioramas


Big Al Baltimore

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