someone is selling 11 aurora kits on ebay.
nice shape. what i drool over is the b-25. i know it
wouldn't rate highly today, but it was a childhood fave.
it was the first kit i actually built seriously. i spent
about 300 hours on it.....my susally builds were 3-4 hours
with paint.
it was an obsession and when it was done, i actually liked
it. it got a ribbon at a local show even. it missed the m80
infestation of the 60's and even went to college. i kept it
for over 30 years until one day my 2nd ex was gone and it
was too. never saw either again.
damn, indeed.
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Maybe your 2nd ex had some M-80s...
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The Collector
i'm sure she dumped it into the trash first chance. she didn't have the wits to ransom it.
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snipped-for-privacy@some.domain (e) wrote in news:YvBVf.178331$fe6.151142 @fe01.news.easynews.com:
Man oh man! I had the B-25 and the P-51H both in OD over NG flying in formation on my ceiling. Across from the Mono SBD pushing over with the dive brakes out.
Great days!
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Mustapha, P
yeah, i really do miss that plane.
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And we all know which was more valuable. ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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