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Has any one found a good white and clear decal paper to use on a inkjet printer yet, that is available in the UK.

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I got some from Hannant's not used it yet but it is made by Experts-Choice in the US, so must be good.

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I haven't found a good inkjet paper even here in states. The last I tried was Micro Marks. I LOVE their copy/laser decal paper. Their inkjet paper has a good decal material for the sheet, but does not work well with inkjet printers :-) The printing reticulates and leaves a fine pattern. This was with both a Canon and an Epson printer. Did not have an HP to try.

I have also tried all those tricks like various sprays, or rubbing the paper with baking soda before printing. Nothing works.

I have gone back to making color decals by printing out on plain paper and taking printout and copy/laser printer to copy shop.

I DO make black decals by using my cheap black and white laser printer on the copy/laser paper. Works great. With laser printer prices plummeting (I saw a sale on black and white laser printer today for fifty bucks), I may buy a color laser soon just for decals.

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Don Stauffer

Can you say "President's Day Sale" in February??

Bill Shuey

D> I DO make black decals by using my cheap black and white laser printer

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William H. Shuey

with baking soda before printing. Nothing works.

Have you tried Elmer's Washable School Glue Gel? You can buy a small bottle anywhere school supplies are sold.

Stir water into it until it is foamy. Brush it on and it settles down nicely.

Stewart Schooley

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Stewart Schooley

Try decal sheet of Bare Metal Foil Company , they come in two versions (inktjet of laserprint) and two variants (white or clear).

Gives good results! regards, Meindert

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