testor's decal paper

I was in Walmart (Ontario) yesterday & held in my hand the Testors custom decal system....

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the URL if foor the clear paper (suitable, it says, for a good inkjet)

has anyone used this system, and if yes, could you share a few details...

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Bill TGH
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My experience with homemade decals:

I have not used the Testors system, but suspect it is similar to what I have done.

I did this old Lindberg / LifeLike / Pyro Bristol Bulldog about 6 months ago:

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I got the decal paper here:

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I think the prices here, for what you get are much better than Testors. You will have to get the recommended Krylon clear spray at a Home Depot as beldecal no longer ships it with their paper.

I have not had good luck with clear. My inkjet (an HP capable of 600dpi) will not print the ink "dense" enough to be opaque. With the Bulldog I printed on white and then cut out all into individual decals (the segments on the wing, etc.) Not as bad as it may sound.

I also made some "Thunderbird" decals for a 1/32 P-26. Also did this on white decal. This kit is about 3 years old and hangs in my office. Interestingly, the red (notorious for fading) has not faded. There is a side that "faces" the sun coming in the window (in Fl no less). It has not faded any more than the "dark" side.

Like with many other things in this hobby, spend a little time and money and experiment. It is usually much easier then you think.

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"Wildcat" wrote in news:PBvpc.554488$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.tampabay.rr.com:

I think white vs clear is the BIG issue. I decals of the Pink Panther for a Pinewood Derby car 2 years ago. On White sheet it was beautiful, on clear kinda washed out. We didn't have a lot of time and we used the clear ones.

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