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After following Dave's advice of getting copies made, decoupage glue would probably work well.

I have an old paper decal that came off of a clear plastic container > (ie an old gumball machine). While I am aware of the setting solutions > and the like for my plastic models, what would I use to re-glue this > paper decal to the clear plastic? I only have one shot at this as this > decal is no longer available. Would elmers/water mixture work? Any > ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!!! > skydog1138 > (aka Dr. Brian)
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Adding to Dave and Charley's advice, I say while at Kinko's, have them make the duplicates on decal paper and use one of those. Good luck!

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Those old 'decals' were actually gummed-on labels. Try clear gum or elmers & water brushed lightly over the back. An alternative would be 3M photo & print mount spray adhesive, or 3M artists adhestive both of which will hold it well for years to come without too much chemical interaction with the inks.

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