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Hi all - I need some help with an ongoing problem. For the past two models,= I have been having problems with my decals. The first set was an after-mar= ket set for the Pegasus Mercury 9, the second set was the kit decals, made = by J-Bot. In each case, th emanufacturer stated because the decals were thin, therefo= re fragile, I should coat them with decal film before using. My film of choice has always been Microscale's Decal Film. I applied it as = per the instructions and waited twenty-four hours between applications, and= another twenty-four hours before starting to use them. In every case, the = decals curled up, in a couple of cases, like a soda straw. I have been able= to get them to lie down using copious amounts of Micro Sol, and today, aft= er matting the decals down, took advantage of it adhering to the model to i= mmediately coat it with a clear matt lacquer. Now, the temperature has been hot here, but not as bad as elsewhere in the = country (high 80s and low 90s), and the humidity has been through the roof.= Are these my problems or should I look elsewhere? Are there any other steps that I can take to keep this from happening again= ? Thanks for any help you can give me.

Regards, John Braungart

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