Determining value of old kit

I found an old, unassembled model kit in the attic. The box is a little beat
up but all of the sprues are in their sealed bags. The kit is a Revell
Robotech Defenders 1/48 scale. The instructions are copyrighted for 1985.
Other than putting it up on eBay is there a good way to determine any value
for this kit? A good place to sell it?
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EBay would be about the best. Some of those Robotechs are commanding soggy prices right now. You didn't mention which kit it is, but I'd suggest looking at what some auctions are commanding currently and what some did over the past couple of months (check "completed auctions") Good luck!
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The Old Timer
Considering the genre of the kit, try "marketing" it to "toy collectors" as opposed to we "more-common-sensical" model builders. I have found that in such "genre kits", the "toy" people are more than willing to pay (re: OVERpay) for such things. I have seen vintage AMT Star Trek kits going for $$$$$ at toy shows; when the same kits can be had for $ at "model shows".
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Greg Heilers
I collect Robotechs and I can tell you that while some are still in production, many are out of production and worth more. (Especially those by IMAI that haven't been seen since, like "Trigon" a.k.a. Drifand Dal and "Exaxes" a.k.a. Ishforn.) Several of the Defenders were reissued by Takara or Doyusha in recent years, in particular the "Zoltek", the "Condar", the "Gartan" and the "Thoren"--although the "Aqualo" and the "Commando" are both rare now and get good prices.
A good website to advertise the kit would be Starship Modeler.
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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce
The kit is # 1146 Decimax but there are two sets of instructions in the box - one for Decimax and one for Attack Fortress SDF 1
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They only way to determine the true value of anything is to allow people to make you offers (bids).What it sells for is what it's worth.You can have 20 prices guides or so called experts tell you something is worth x amout of dollars.If it won't sell for that it's not worth it. My brain is like lightning......One big flash and it's gone
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Mike Maze
Actually, Ebay is a good source for this. Find one that someone is selling and place a watch on it to see what it ends up selling for. Do this more than once and that will give you an will take a bit of time though.
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Do an eBay search for like kits. The Robotech line does fairly well on eBay. Some are high priced, like the larger robots or the ones with vehicles included. Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at
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Rob Gronovius

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