Douglas World Cruiser

I watched a neat program a few nights ago on the Army effort, the first around the world aircraft flight. Made me want to model the DWC.

Seems to me there was a kit. Was it Williams Bros? Don't see it in their line, however, and since they never dropped a kit, maybe I am wrong in thinking it was theirs. Did anyone else kit it?

BTW, starting to pick up all WB kits I want when I see them at shops- I figure they'll all be gone pretty quick.

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Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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Yes...they had a Douglas World Cruiser. And as far as the availability of the kits, I would also love to have one of these, as well as the C-46 and the B-10. But, even being "out of business", I figure that there will still be plenty of copies "out there", if one is willing to search, and barter. After all, for each WB kit that was sold, how many do you think end up actually getting *built* by the buyer?

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Greg Heilers

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