EU to ban Swastika

Hi all,
It's the first time I've read a politically sensitive thread on this
newsgroup where the responses are sensible, informative and above all,
humourous. Well done, everybody - keep it up.
Just wondering - does the "ban" on swastikas also cover the Finnish
use of the symbol? I don't recall seeing any aircraft model kits with
Finnish markings being banned, even though the symbol is identical -
just blue instead of black! Just goes to show what a load of bullsh*t
the whole deal is.
Sorry about starting a "new" thread - for some reason, my laptop won't
retrieve the original thread when I go to post a reply.
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James Venables
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Actually, I do remember seeing some box art for a Finnish aircraft (Hasegawa?) that had a blue cross vice swastika. Somewhere, I've got (IIRC) an old Revell Ju 88 or Do 17Z in 1/72nd that had some odd variation of the Finnish markings, too, I just can't remember what it was (struck by another "senior moment").
Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
Im sure the Hase Hurricane? boxart has it removed.
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
Indeed you do. It's hard to know where to start when listing them...
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Al Superczynski
Yes, and the Baltic country that used it as well.
Many Revell kits in the 80s had post war Finnish decals in the kit.
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Dave Fleming
Thank goodness the Nazi's didn't use the Roman cross! :-)
James Venables wrote:
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old hoodoo
Good question. I just had E-bay take down two of my auctions that I put up Sunday because of hakenkreuze on the tails. I'm wondering if I put up any Finnish models that I'll have the same problem.
The funny thing is I've sold quite a few Luftwaffe kits and models in the past year and they all had the no-no on them. They must have some guy grazing through the auctions looking for something to pick on and I got lucky this time. :(
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Yes. I have a Sopwith Camel with Blue Rider markings for Latvia and they're (HORRORS!!!) rotated. I've seen the new markings but I can't remember what form they take. They're probably red 7 white in colour.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Swastika was demanded to be removed from aircrafts by allied "control commission" during 1945. It was replaced with same roundel that FAF/FDF use nowadays. Swastika is still used - as it was only to be removed from aircrafts - in various objects: squad insignia, flags, badge of honors, etc.
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Sheeps United
Keep looking. I recall that the "Limited Edition" Hasegawa Hurricanes with Finnish markings had a specially designed box top, and I'm sure I've seen others.
Dave Batt
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Il2 FB shows the Finnish a/c with the post continuation war roundels, not the harkiristi.
IF the Swastika/hakenkrueze gets banned, the harkairisti is probably doomed also, at least in the EU.
Mad-Modeller wrote:
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old hoodoo
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Jouni Laukkanen
I don't know if the ban does or not, but some manufacturers modify the symbols (Hasegawa, I believe, had them as blue crosses in a kit) or just use the late/post-war roundels instead.
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