Re: OT? EU to ban Swastika

I always thought Germany's insistence on this to be curious but I can
understand their logic, even though I don't agree with it. It's only a
symbol. If "X" political party were to choose the circle as their
symbol, rise to power and do terrible things, would we be reaching for
the Whiteout to remove circles from geometry books?
To hide something (by banning), you lose that part of your history.
While not trying to keep these wounds open, there should be some leeway.
I think it's more a matter of young Harry to study his history classes
a bit more and for his father (incandescent with rage!?) to get a little
more involved in his life...
On second thought, maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing after
all... ;-)
Frank Kranick
jerry 47 wrote:
In response to Prince Harry's faux pas, the EU is considering extending the
> German ban on the swastika to the entire EU. Would this mean that all WWII
> Luftwaffe modelers would have to cover the swastika on all models they have
> already built?
> Jerry 47
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Francis X. Kranick, Jr.
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Most places in Europe proper they've been gone for years. In Berlin 25 years ago they were verboten. Kits came with them blocked with magic marker on the box art and directions and excised from decal sheets with a razor blade.
I can cite two examples of what happened when they weren't. I built the 1/32 Matchbox one and put it in the case at Spielvogel, which was one of the best hobby shops in the city at that time. I went to pick it up a few weeks later and discovered it had been "arrested" by the Polizei for the "hackenkreuze" on the tail. I was told if I wanted it back I had to go down to Precinct 54 and explain why it had those markings. Probably still there.
The other was a very expensive Liliput HO model of "Das Rheingold" 1938 and completely detailed. Alas, the locomotive and all of the cars had swastikas on them about 1mm high. The local equivalent of the JDL told the owner either it comes out of your window and goes back in its boxes or tomorrow morning you will have no "Das Rheingold" and no window.
Same thing in Belgium and the Netherlands at the time, too.
Cookie Sewell
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Er, that should have read "1/32 Matchbox Bf-109E"...
Cookie Sewell
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Something I've pondered for a long time, how does the German political system deal with Hinduism? I noticed some books on the Hindu faith at my son's school, I hadn't previously realised how significant the swastika is to that faith. Cheers, Bill.
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Bill Davies
Reminds me of the time I was on a German aircraft jag and frequently displayed my models in my friend's hobby shop window. One day when I was trading the old batch for the latest builds he joked that the JDL might visit him some night because of them. I know he was joking but it sure put a damper on my enthusiasm for awhile.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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"> I think it's more a matter of young Harry to study his history classes
Maybe not that easy. Harry certainly doesn't look like his mother or "father". Now the mother can't deny him. On the otherhand - well you guys remeber Fred Farkle on Laugh In. Be interesting to do a DNA match and see where this idiot really came from. Then find who wants to be responsible. Maybe that's why his "father" hasn't been involved in the first place.
One has to wonder - the rest of Europe gave up their royalty - only England remains in the days of feudalism, and the idiots who would revise history get to ban one more thing in an essentially meaningless gesture. Some day a politically correct Messerschmidt will have red crosses on the wing, and be dropping underwing stores of medical supplies to survivors of some US transgression in Europe.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Them, the Norse/Vikings, and some American Indian tribes. But then, leftist fanatics never did try to rpetend to apply logic to their "missions of mercy."
I can totally support the Germans et al having a modified form of censorship of the crooked cross in terms of using it as a political symbol, etc. However, they should (if they were slightly honest) allow obvious exceptions for things like education/historical/cultural contexts.
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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands would undoubtedly be somewhat taken aback to learn that, as would the constitutional monarchs of Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and Sweden, not to mention the rulers of the Principalities of Liechtenstein and Monaco, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
More likely red crescents. Crosses are so Christian, you know... :(
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Al Superczynski
"Val Kraut" wrote
Only England, eh?
Q: What do Spain, Norway, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Sweden, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and Denmark have in common?
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Kurt Laughlin
they are just being stupid,,, I've had people stare at my wartime V2 models..with comments like ."slaves and prisoners were killed building the V2".."people suffered".ect... well how many people were killed by cluster bombs?(a whole lot more) ..but I can buy a replica at walmart tomorrow.and no-one thinks twice... get over it ,that was 60 years ago,lets move on.
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in article zKlHd.8586$ snipped-for-privacy@fe10.lga, Val Kraut at wrote on 19/1/05 4:47:
What about Scotland, you know that piece of Great Brittan that supplys england with its oil and Wales the bit that supply the sheep and Northen Ireland the bit that supplies, what does the NI supply?
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Rory Manton
in article BE13BA49.3701A%, Rory Manton at wrote on 19/1/05 7:18:
Guinnes of course, stupid me.
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Rory Manton
Only problem I saw was the burning cancer stick in his hand - now this is a much bigger and worrying thing!
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Is it any wonder Harry is as "silly as a bent wheel ",just look at his predecessors .
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Actually, just this once, I'm happy to leave this as 'England' - I'd be even happier if Scotland were rid of the Saxe-Coburgs.
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Wulf Corbett
No thats Scotland, and Scotland reserves, although i there isnt a differance
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
religious intolerance and tortured poets.
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e (AMPSOne) wrote in news:
Isn't this what the Brownshirts did to Jewish owned businesses?
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Gray Ghost
The rest of Europe skipped their royalty? Thats new to many Norwegians, Swedes, Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and Danish citizens I bet.
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Claus Gustafsen

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