ex bf tries to hire hitman

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Not mine BTW. At the top of wayoutauctions. com. Sounds like scam to me.

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OK, I'll bite...why in the hell would anyone want to buy emails, blog notes, etc, etc ad nauseum showing evidence that someone had hired a hitman to snuff their ex-lover?! Not that I don't feel for them if it's true, but to sell the evidence on sBay? Let's say, purely for conversation's sake, that it's true. That would then mean all this material is truly "evidence" in a felony case, and certainly wouldn't be for sale, it would be in the possession of the local constabulary. By virtue of that she(?) apparently believes there are more suckers out here than there really are, even given that there are way too many. Any y'all got 'stoopid' written on yer forehead? Not me. See ya.

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