Just cut the last (hopefully...fingers crossed...) hole in the decking of my U-boat.

Now I just gotta make a Lancaster run and things can really get moving.

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i'm stuck till my next vegas trip. i need some paints, too.

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"Rufus" skrev i en meddelelse news:H4uAh.1194523$084.1044667@attbi_s22...

I thought more of: Fingers bleeding.

And the pictures, I for one will look for the pictures :-)

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Uffe Bærentsen

...not quite bleeding, but noticably calloused...particularly my left index.

Just took some this afternoon. Made a run and picked up the Panzer Grey paint I was lacking, plus some Panzer Schockoladenbraun - looks to match the descriptions of the deck color fairly well...I was going to use a combination of umber and Panzer Grey. So now I'll have a pallet to choose from...

I'll post a complete set after a painting/drying session.

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