FM-1 from Trumpeter kit?

Just out of curiosity, can you make an FM-1 from the Trumpeter kit? Looking at the Detail & Scale book, it looks like you lose the outboard guns and possibly rescribe the cowl flaps. Anything else, or am I paying the price for recreational chemistry in the 60's again?

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Jim Atkins
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The FM-1 was a "lightened" F4F-4, and I believe it was originally known as the F4F-6 or 8. Designation changed when production was turned over to GM to clear Grumman's plant for F6F production. The main external difference was deletion of the outboard gun on each wing. There were some internal things done to reduce weight. I don't know about the cowl flaps changing, I'd have to go dig into the appropriate "Detail n' Scale" pub.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Actually, I'm planning to make an FM-2 out of one of the two Trumperter F4Fs that I have. I have the 1/48 Kendall conversion kit for the Tamiya F4F and plan to use it as a guide. (My 1/48 Tamiya conversion is about

1/4 done as of now...guess it's on further hold.)

Looking at the 1/48 parts, it will be easier to change the cowl than I thought. I also think it will be easy enough to do the FM-2 exhaust areas aft of the cowl with a file. The engine will com from Engines and Things, and the tall tail will be scratch built.

I may use the Eduard etched cockpit parts for the Revell F4F - they are better suited to an FM-2, I think...only two gun charging handles are provided.

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