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Aoshima kit of the mid 70's Toyota Celica LB.

Also a pic of me and my real GT so take a look. My car has been off the road since 2000 and she should be back on in a few weeks, and boy have i missed her! I had my other car nicked even tho i removed the leads and with the Celica i removed the steering wheel, but i want to buy a propper couple of steering and handbrake locks, as i dont want my door locks damaged just for the sake of it.

BTW any of you old guys had one of these cars in the US? called a RA29 and would have been fitted with a 2.x litre engine, often seen in shots on CHiPs!! The US version had horrible bumpers and a v low BHP engine, UK had a 2 litre SC or TC engine (GT like mine)

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For anybody that's interested, I have a resin left-hand drive dashboard for that kit.

Nice-looking car, Jules!

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Al Superczynski


If you saw it close up you would see the faults, interior is v v poor, but then it was in my price range at the time plus if i did have the money for a mint one i would be more worried about gettingit damaged. Been off the road since 2000, not had the cash/health to get it done, struggling with it now.

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