Found It! ...... My old Auto World Hot Knife

While I was looking through some old boxes of parts on a kit bashing mission, I found my old Auto World hot knife and an old Auto World Catalog. The prices in the catlaog look pretty cheap and there are some kits I haven't seen in ages. Wonder if I can mail in an order (:>

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Count DeMoney
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Yeah, if you want 1/1 parts. I called the number to see if they were still there and they have gotten out of the model/scale racing biz. But they still are into 1/1 racing stuff. MG

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Mike G.

I had one of those two -- long gone now, I'm afraid. But I'm still hoping to meet Oscar Kovaleski, who started the biz. He's a friend of a guy who's been helping me with various modeling techniques. Send the catalog at least, maybe the hot knife as well, to the Car Modeling Museum in Salt Lake City:

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They'd probably appreciate it.

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Charles Fox

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