FS: DC-3/C-47/Dakota & McDonnell Douglas books

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168 pages hardcover A real treasure for the Gooney Bird enthusiast! An extensive collection of large, clear well-captioned images stretching from the DC-1 to Gooney Birds flying today with turboprops. Coverage includes both military & civilian aircraft Highlights include: Dakota Mk.IV KJ839 w/Mamba turboprops G-AMDB with R-R Darts SAAF 6877 target tug RAN N2-23 with radar nose for training Sea Venom & Gannet navs Dakota TS423 with Ferranti radar & gun turret installations in nose C-117D N722NR with SLAR

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250 pages, covering the military, civilian & space activites of both manufacturers

Highlights include:

*2 color B-19 shots - one a page and a half spread *B-17 with a Douglas Roc missile *TB2D - mean looking bird! *A-1H 135326 - page and a half spread *CF-101 027 2 page spread
  • 2 DC-4E pix
*several DC-5 shots *Douglas Model 1015 Cloudster *color shot of C-74 265402 *Phantom 64-905 marked as an F-110A *2 page spread of an Iranian F-4E *2-page spread of an RF-4B

$12+s/h gets you both - drop a line for shipping & ordering info

Chris snipped-for-privacy@dataviewbooks.com

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