Help- Best way to remove crazy glue?

The title says it all. I bought dollar store crazy glue which spilt on a painted model I'm working on. Other than sanding , which mostly removes the surrounding plastic, what is available to remove this rock hard glue? I am totally bummed out.

Thanks in advance.


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Alan Kelly
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A lot of scrubbing with a napkin and methanol or denatured alcohol, won't hurt opaque plastic, might fog clear, will destroy paint but the CA will eventually be gone.

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Nail polish remover (must have acetone in it) will remove CA glue, by softening it. Acetone will also soften styrene, so be careful (especially if you decide to use pure acetone).

Nail polish remover (or acetone) will also completely remove most acrylic paints.


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Frank Henriquez

I picked up a tiny bottle of CA remover at the hardware store sometime back--seems to be acetone based, but just a drop wil really soften the CA rapidly. I haven't seen any problem with the plastic when I've used it, but I don't leave it on any longer than I have to. I'd use nail polish remover only if it doesn't have scents or a soapy feel, since god only knows what else you're putting on the model--fine for a woman's hands, mebbe, but not my styrene!

Mark Schynert

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Mark Schynert

Alan Kelly wrote in news:41633332.FA388B58

AFAIK, CA doesn't "melt" the plastic like most solvent glues. If it's a blob of glue instead of a thin layer, you may be able to *very* carefully pop it off using either a curved or chisel-tip x-acto blade. I've done that with small blobs successfully with very little damage to the plastic but that could all change if there's fine detail like an instrument panel under it. Good luck!


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There are chemical debonders available that will cause CA to lose its grip. Check your hobby shop.

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Jeff C

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