How can I Soften & Bend a Plastic Part

Along with the Eagle I started I have 2 "Godzilla" Kits. I need to reposition the tail on one of them if possible. And i've no real idea on how to start the process. As you look at the model , with his teeth looking at you the tail for the model flips up and is curved to the Left. The thing is that I would really like it to curve over to the Right. I have a little building with a nice Big Hole in it that it would fit into almost perfectly. I'm using some of the buildings from those "Gigantics" Kits to make a rather nice diorama of Godzilla trashing the place. Can anyone please help me with how I "Bend, Twist & Turn" the tail over the other after I glue pieces number 30 & 31 together. Do I fill it up with very fine aquarium sand and glue a piece of plastic over the hole and then Warm it up in the Oven. Or put it in a Pot of Boiling Water and wit to see if it gets soft enough so that it can be bent.

I have never done anything quite like this before and could really use all the help I could get. I push doesn't come to shove I guess I could do something else , but it would be nearly perfect if I can find a way to bend this around the other way.

Thanks so very much

... Carl .........


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Whatever you do, *DO NOT* use _boiling_ water. All you'll get is a shapeless lump...

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Al Superczynski

Frankly, I think that if you try to heat then bend the part, it'll just split along the seams. I'd suggest that you cut the tail into segments, string them along a coat-hanger-wire backbone, using plenty of two-part epoxy putty (plumbers putty from your local hardware store ought to do) to hold them in place, then fill the seams and restore texture with more epoxy putty (probably should use a better putty for this part, like Milliput).

Steve H

Al Superczynski wrote:

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