I resolve in 2006 to...

Models, model related:
1) Master bare metal finishes
2) Paint a figure that looks as good as one by Bill Horan, etc. - yeah,
maybe if I close both eyes, turn out the lights and step back twenty paces.
3) Get consistent results with my airbrush. Dreamer... nothing but a
4) Old kits - let 'em go. Old Tamiya armor & other brands that are no
longer up to snuff (if they ever were) and that I'd otherwise waste precious
amounts of time on when simply upgrading to Dragon and newer molds will
solve the problem (in most repects).
5) And to that end - I've been dying to super-modify a WWII great like the
B-17 or P-38 into a post war lesser known variant. Fire-bombers, turboprop
testbeds - you get the idea. That'll scratch two itches at once - esp. the
itch to thin out the herd a little.
6) Put some of this wood shop hardware and scrap lumber around here to good
use and make some display bases - maybe even a couple of small display
7) Finally pull that big 4x8 diorama project together (See above).
8) Photography - learn how to light and shoot these muthas.
OK, why pussy foot around here. 2006 is the year that I -
9) Lay ultimate tribute upon the altar of the AMS gods - I will complete
that perfect scale model kit that is exact in every detail down to every
last rivet fastener and paint detail - or I'll amass a storage room busting
stash of model kits while trying!
And where it really matters, shooting caution into the gravitational pull of
the moon, on the subject of model finances, 2006 is the year that in
regards to -
10) Women:
A) I figure them out.
B) I tell no one.
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...ok...you had me, up until #10...
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To build more kits that I buy (completely doomed to failure).
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....to finish a kit! ;~)
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Bill Woodier
Build a minimum of three kits for each kit I buy!
Actually shouldn't be much of a problem here on Guam, since there's no hobby shops and the only place that sells kits only has about two dozen, 18 of them being cars. I only build 1/72 a/c...
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Drew Hill
Let me introduce you to Mr. Mail Order and/or Mr. Online Shopping...
No need to thank me... ;-p
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Al Superczynski
Heh. Well, one *can* order most of Gunze's range from Rainbow Ten... ;)
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Al Superczynski
"Bill Woodier" wrote
Voted "Single least likely to be acheived" resolution 22 years in succession....
At least, that's what my wife says
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Shane Weier
to learn how to paint well. to practice and make them look right. and to build more than buy........yeah, right. just shoot me.
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To complete at least a few models from the stack of started kits.
To buy a new display case for the office as the old one is overflowing and that makes completing a model daunting as there is no place to put it.
To dig deeper into the six feet high stack of books and magazines to be processed into the MAI Library.
To do that book on the Hound Dog and Quail missiles.
There are more, but those ought to keep me busy for the year.
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Finish some of those already-started models.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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I resolve to drop my pants and take a dump in RMS as often as I can. I promise to post more IPMS/USA facts whenever I can. I promise to finish the bridge in Iraq diorama, you know, the one where they had the remains of the contractors hanging? But first I have to burn some specially shaped peices of chicken meat!
I promise, you guys here, will be first in line for anything I have to say
and remember................when you no longer can see good enough to build models, then you can study this
formatting link
And remember
formatting link
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