Incredibly OT: Anyone here have a pellet stove?

do the pellets have any of the scent/smell, etc that you get with a
regular wood burning fireplace?
We moved into our house a few years ago, leaving a house with a
fireplace and everytime we go out this time of year we smell that
fireplace smell in the air....we miss that smell. yes I do know that a
fireplace puts a lot of nasties into the air....
anyone offer any comments on their fireplace? Winter is coming and I
thought it might be a nice surprise for the wife....
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Craig -- Don't have a pellet stove, but a regular air-tight. It'll throw some scent into the air, if you can burn with the door open (on mine you can, I put a safety screen in place). With the door closed, 95% of that smell goes right up the chimney. BTW, the stoves are HEAPS more efficient than the fireplace (which is where my stove currently resides, with the stove chimney going up inside the brick fireplace chimney). Just think back to that morning after your burn, that chilly room because the damper was open all night. I only managed a few times to keep the fire going ALL night. The stove will be started just before Christmas (hopefully, but not likely, later) and keep going until the weather warms up again. Last year it saved me about $500 to $750 in heating bills.
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You should get little or no smell with pellets unless you use rabbit pellets...;-).
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John Hairell

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