Is Lindberg still in business?

I was told they built a Flintstonemobile, and was wondering if it might still
be available other than that damn eBay
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I don't know about Lindberg, but the Flintmobile I have says Crafthouse Corp, an RPM company on the instructions. Other data included: 1/20 scale, kit #72411, Snapfit, 1994. I bought mine in '99 at the Kit Collector's Expo in SoCal. They have been plentiful there since, including the Barney Rubble Sabre Car (or whatever it is), & relatively cheap (I paid less than $10 for it). I will look at the next show if you like, but that won't be until July 25.
I have posted a pic on ABMS.
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AFAIK, Lindberg is still in business. RPM are the overall owners of Testors, Crafthouse, Lindberg, Pactra, Floquil, etc. I don't know if that kit is still available. I've never seen it on the shelves here but hobby shops are scarce roundabouts.
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