Jasta5-which green exactly-tail ?

Hi, all !
I used to model as a teenager and recently I got interested again after
joining an online-flightsimulation Jasta a year ago. I've collected dozens
of 1/72 WWI kits over the last months and would like to rebuild the
Boistrancourt airfield of the famous Jasta 5 Greentails. I am well
documented, but would like to know which green exactly to use for the tails.
Is there anybody out there who can tell me which #green of which brand of
modelpaint they used for that ?
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patrick antoni
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I doubt anyone knows for sure the exact shade of green used - or even whether the same paint shade was used for all aircraft.
These sorts of things were extremely variable during the Great War and the various Jasta marking colors were generally selected from what was available locally rather than being a standardized paint issued by the Luftstreitkrafte.
While typically shown (on paintings and profiles and the like) as a medium to light green, that's only a "best guess". But anything in that color range could not be overly criticized.
A posting in the forum section of the Aerodrome -might- solicit more definitive information.
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Bill Shatzer
Salute !
Thanks, but that's not what I mean, with all due respect. I've got all the info on colours and all that. What I was asking : I'd like to know what paint modellers use to paint the tail green. The brand, the exact number, what they mix it with for instance. I understand it's pretty hard to come up with a shade of paint they actually used in WWI. I just need a humbrol green n° etc...., that's all.
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patrick antoni
When I did Flashar's Mailed Gauntlet in 1/48 scale, I used Testors Beret Green in the small square bottles. May be a touch too dark but looks good to me. Are you aware that Americal Gryphon has several sheets for jasta 5 aircraft in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale? Better order fast, since they are closing up shop at the end of the year. You can do a google search for Americal Gryphon to find the complete listing online, I don't recall the link right now. Dave
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Dave Calhoun
Thank you very much ! That is the kind of information I need.
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