Lone Star Models

Does any know if they are still in business?
There is a fine line between "Hobby" and "Mental Illness."
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Thought I read here that they had closed up shop...
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Yes, Mike West is still in business. No website. For a paper catalog send a 4 1/8 X 9 1/2 SASE to: Lone Star Models 13511 Greywood Dr. Sugar Land, Texas, 77478
He posts on Hyperscale frequently.
Jim Whitley
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Jim Whitley
As stated previously, Yes Mike is still in business from his Sugarland address
BTW the tag is a takeoff on Oscar Levant's line "there is a fine line between genius and Insanity, I have eradicated that difference" :-)
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Bradford Chaucer
I prefer the version by "David St. Hubbins":
"There's such a fine line between clever, and stupid."
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Greg Heilers

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