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I know that the B-17F was named the "Memphis Belle". But does anyone
knows how many planes that were named Memphis Belle? Because I just
purchased some decals of a B-1B of that name. Was there any aircraft
named this?
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William L. Powell
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Yes, I've seen pictures of a B-1B with the name.
I've also see a Vietnam Era F-105 with the name Memphis Belle 2.
I doubt there is any way of knowing for sure how many aircraft have carried this famous name. Probably dozens since WW2.
F Marion
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When we were stationed in Blytheville, Arkansas, 1965-1967, the mayor of Memphis came up to christen a B-52 the "Memphis Belle II" Scott There is a fine line between "Hobby" and "Mental Illness."
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There was a F-105, an F-15E, a B-1 to name a few. I thinkl the F-15E was named #12 or 13 at Robert Morgan's insistance.
Stan parker
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Stanley Parker
An F-105D IIRC was Memphis Belle II.
"William L. Powell" wrote:
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Col. Robert Morgan died on the 15th from complications from a fall. It is a great loss of a great warrior. Hugh Mills
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