MiG-25 in 1/48, aftermarket...?

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With the Revell Foxbat in stock again, is there any hope for some aftermarket parts? I really don't wat to scratchbuild another cockpit... Black Box or Cobra Company seemed to be brewing something, perhaps an -RB conversion - any sightings? Also, Tally Ho! had an ad saying "the return of the king" on SAMI, but there's nothing on their site.

(And I bought another on eBay that costed me an eye and an arm, and has six stars and numbers as decals PERIOD... looked at the decal sheet of the re-release, I gotta rant rant rant)

TIA Bonehammer

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There is a True Details of the KM-1 Ejection Seat for it because the MiG-25 used it. I got a pair of those seats and one of them did fine...


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NeOmega should have a cockpit later this month. Keep checking

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