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I have just bought a Revell 39134 compressor (actually, mine is branded as an Omega SA-15 but I understand them to be the same model) but it was sold 'as-is' and came without box or instuctions. I've put a link to it at

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(redirects to the Revell site).

Would an owner of this or a similar compressor be prepared to scan the instruction sheet and email it to me at snipped-for-privacy@dsl.pipex.com? If that's not possible, a few pointers on how to use it would be much appreciated - it's my first compressor so I haven't got a clue what to do with it.

Many thanks Mike

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I have this compressor and it's a fantastic tool.

However, if you bought it without box and instructions, I asume you didn't get the oil to fill it with ? For this you need special compressoroil only used with airbrushcompressors, not just ordinary compressoroil. So be carefull before you start it up, off course don't start it without the specific compressoroil.

I will see if I can scan the instructions, I suppose the english text will do ? Could take me another day to get back to you.

You can contact me directly, just remove nospam from emailaddress.

Erik Wauters, Belgium

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"mehh95" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...

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Erik Wauters

Scans received - thank you so much for them, and the information. Hopefully I can return the favour one day.

I knew I needed to get compressor oil, but I didn't know I needed special *airbrush* compressor oil - thanks!


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