Monogram B25

I remember having one of these many years ago-it came with a colour leaflet about how to make a diorama, my memory is hazy but I think it showed a B25 in the desert?? Guys. do any of you out there have a copy of the leaflet which you would sell/donate/copy???? TIA Gary

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I thought it was the B-25H boxing with instructions for a SWPA maintenance dio.


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Dave Williams

is that like the one's with the do335 and b17? they were cool.

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The old Shep Paine diorama tip sheets. Here is a site with some of them, but unfortunately, not the B-25.

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fun reminiscing.

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Shep and/or Monogram should put them all out in a nice magazine format. Sounds like something for Kalmbach to tackle.....


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Shep Paine! That was him!

Great stuff Rob, thanks for the link. All the best Gary

RobG wrote:

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