My F-4J is pissed

Hi all,
I'm currently finishing up the Trumpeter SA-2 w/launcher. Which is,
BTW, a great quick-build. Reminds me of my youth, building the old
Renwal "Blueprint Series" kits. I distinctly remember the Hawk
missiles and the Skysweeper....
But the downside is, my F-4J keeps giving me dirty looks from his
shelf across the room. I doubt if he'll ever forgive me for bringing
such an abomination into the house....
Weasel (time for my meds and then to bed)
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Maybe that's why I never actually bought Airfix's kit when it came out - psychic pressure from the collection! Hmm, maybe that's why we can't stop buying kits!
Bill Banaszak, MFE ;)
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Bill Banaszak
Now there's an excuse worthy of "The National Enquirer". :-)
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
If the Phantom is equipped with any kind of air to ground weapon, you would do well to carefully examine all evidence before blaming the cat if the SA-2 suffers some inexplicable mishap just before completion.
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Rob van Riel
Interesting theory, since it implies that kits desperately want to not get built. Considering the odds most of us have of ever building every kit in the stash, every new kit decreases the probability of any kit in there being built.
I'm sure there's some deep philisophical lessen in there somewhere...
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Rob van Riel
Does the household ROE allow engagement of an uncompleted SAM site or is it like SEA where you often had to wait and let it shoot at you before you could roll-in? :^
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Allen Epps
One of the guys brought in a finished Trupmeter SA-2 to last night's IPMS meeting. He pointed out that the SA-2 has shot down more aircraft than any other surface-to-air missile. I then pointed out that this statement is not surprising. The reason for this is that most of the countries firing SA-2s were on the defensive (if you know what I mean ;^)
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Martin Sagara
Hey, I finished mine this Monday. Check it out on alt.binaries.models.scale. There is a picture on it.
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William L. Powell
So now go and get a Trumpeter F-105G to hold the Phantom's hand in the face of a SAM :)
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Jeff C
Time to build an F-4G or an Iron Hand A-7, or an EA-6B!
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Andrew DeBoer
I have placed my 1/48 Mig-17 (the believed-it-was-Col.Tomb's-aircraft No. 3022) right beside the Cunningham/Driscoll F-4J. I should keep an eye on them - they might try to get at each others six... They haven't moved yet... See also
formatting link
to see them standing together. Ingo
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Ingo Degenhardt
So build a cute little F-5 to divert its attention. Those macho types can't resist cute curves in A/C any more than in humans!
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Ken Leonard
But your 'handle'is "weasel' so that makes up for it right?
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